Ciao! I’m Alessia, an Illustrator/2D Artist from Italy.
 In 2020 I graduated from
“Scuola Internazionale di Comics” in Genoa and specialized in digital illustration with a focus on children's illustration for picture books, covers, tabletop games, educational apps and toys.
My main inspiration comes from nature and the media I consumed as a kid like animated movies and fantasy books.
I'm currently accepting manuscripts for picture books, chapter books and freelance opportunity that suits my style.
Feel free to contact me at
I enjoy creating merch and prints with my artwork. 
Even though I'm selling them in local conventions I'm planning on opening a shop.
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My bookings for new projects are curretly open!

I'm looking for:
- Picture books
- Chapter books
- Covers
- Educational work
- Pattern design

 and any other freelance work that may suits my style.

I DO accept self-pubblishing manuscript. 
Feel free to contact me 

If you are a Private looking for a custom Illustration
you can find HERE examples of the services I offer. Please be free to get in touch with me and discuss your idea.
Thank you!
Master Degree in Digital Illustration from "Scuola Internazionale di Comics" in Genoa
Workshop "Raccontare con il colore" hosted by Barbara Canepa
Workshop "Colors" hosted by Angela Vianello

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